Aromatheraphy 33 swiss essences
Full massage
Legs and feet local massage
Lymphatic drainage
Hot stone massage
Deep tissue massage
Anti-cellulite treatment
Back massage
Reflexology foot massage

Facial Treatment

Blistering rejuvenating treatmet
Rejuvenating treatmet with 24 carta gold
Intensive Hydrating Rejuvenator
Eye Contour treatment
Detoxifying treatment
Oily skin treatment
Deep Cleaning Facial (includes face and neck massage, exfoliation, extraction, and masks)

Body treatment, cellulitis, toning and wrinkles

Aloe Vera body treatment
Seaweed treatments
ULTRATONE Toning and reducing measures and cellulite
Dermoceell Vacuum Therapy


Painting/ French
Decoration one nail
Decoration and painting for girls
File and paint/French
Porcelain nails
Normal manicure (painting)
Normal manicure (French)
Water manicure spa / paint
Water spa manicure (French)
Paraffin bath
Men´s Manicure
Shellac semipermanent paint


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